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Manage My Life

My chainsaw starts right up but stalls when I give it gas. I replaced a dried fuel line.

It is a Craftsman model 358.355161. Can you also tell me the procedure for adjusting the air fuel mixture. Is it the clockwise till it stops and back off 1 3/4 turns, start saw and adjust routine.

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Manage My Life
You are on the right track, when the saw stalls when you give it more gas, it isn't getting enough gasoline. You probably need to rebuild and clean the carburetor. Remove the fuel line from the carburetor and let some fuel run through it to be sure you have a flow from the tank.

If the fuel line was breaking up inside, you have particles of rubber inside the carburetor and they will have to be cleaned out.

You are correct on the method for adjusting the air fuel mixture screw on the carburetor.
by Manage My Life
December 23rd, 2008
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