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How can I troubleshoot the Weslo Pursuit 360R/exercise bike console/display?

Product: Weslo Persuit 360R
Model: Sears Model No. 831.21611.0

Problem: On the display/console, the "Pace Guide" is continuously flashing & nothing else on the console is working at all.

I figured it was the reed switch so, I followed the instructions & it did not fix the problem. Could the reed switch be malfunctioning? How can I tell it's the reed switch or...

I'd appreciate any ideas or suggestions!

Thanks in advance

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Manage My Life
If the reed switch fails the pace guide will give false readings or no readings. The reed switch is a normally open switch that closes when it is near a magnet. The magnet draws the reeds together causing them to make the switch. You can connect the two wires from the reed switch to the test probes on an ohm meter and pass a magnet by the reed switch. The contacts will open and close as the magnet passes by.

Your problem is in the console. You need to replace the console.
by Manage My Life
December 23rd, 2008
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