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I need to repair my squeaky garage door opener. Can you help?

It is a model 139.53200 Sears garage door opener. When activated, it produces a loud squeak and sometimes sufficient drag to reverse operation. I bought it Jan 1986. The part 41A2817 (plastic gears) looks okay. Could part # 41A2827 be worn out to the point it would cause drag?

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Manage My Life
I think the noise and drag are being caused by your garage door, not the opener.

To determine this close the garage door and pull the emergency release rope on the trolley. Open the door and close it manually several times. Notice binding and determine where the squeak is coming from. Lift the door halfway and let it go. If it goes up or down a spring or springs need adjusting or replacing.

Many times the rollers on the door need lubrication. You can buy a can of silicone lubricant that will spray the lubricant into the bearing of the rollers.

You should get some silicone grease and grease the gears on the garage door opener. The 2 part numbers you sent are the same gears in different kits. The 41a2827 is the best kit to buy to replace the gears.
by Manage My Life
February 3rd, 2009
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