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Why is my Kenmore washer buzzing loudly during the spin cycle?

I have a Kenmore washer model number 11028832700 that buzzes constantly through the spin cycle. The machine and tub are level. Moving the tub will not shut the buzzer off. I've check the parts list but I'm unable to determine the correct part that houses the buzzer or activates the buzzer.

Kenmore , Washers
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Manage My Life
I do not see a buzzer on this model number that you provided. Not all models have buzzers. Some models have an out of balance signal & some have an end of cycle reminder signal that may sound like a buzzer. If you have an out of balance buzzer, the washer would stop operating, if an out of balance condition was sensed. The wiring diagram & parts list may be wrong. This buzzing noise you hear may be coming from the timer or motor.
by Manage My Life
February 3rd, 2009
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