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Can I change the interior bulb on my JE1590SH01 microwave?

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February 5th, 2009

I have a JE1590SH01 microwave and would like to change the interior light.

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Fred M
The good news is the cavity light is a replaceable part. The part can be ordered from the

Sears PartsDirect

website. The part number is WB36X10131. It is not very expensive.

Now the bad news:

To change this cavity light requires removing the outer cover of the microwave and this exposes some very dangerous parts. A technician must complete this type of repair.

Microwaves are inherently dangerous to service. Internal capacitors can retain a lethal electrical charge even when the microwave is unplugged. A microwave radiation leakage test must be performed on the unit following any repair. I recommend having a technician install the light bulb.
by Fred M
February 5th, 2009
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