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Why does my Kenmore washing machine make a loud banging and knocking sound in the rinse cycle?

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February 23rd, 2009

My Kenmore washer is 3 months old and it works great until the rinse cycle then it starts banging very loud. When I open the lid the banging continues until the spinning stops.

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Fred M
A washer banging in the rinse or spin cycle can be out of balance.

You don't include a model number so my answer will be very general but since the washer is new my first thought is the shipping materials have not been removed.

All washers have shipping materials that prevent damage during shipping. These materials must be removed after delivery and installation so the suspension system allows to tub to move around. A washer run with the shipping materials in place will result in a severe out of balance condition that may result in the tub hitting the side panels of the washer.

If you resubmit your question with a model number I can tell you how to locate and remove the shipping materials.
by Fred M
February 23rd, 2009
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