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What are the dimensions of my Kenmore dishwasher model 66515765691?

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March 4th, 2009

I have a Kenmore dishwasher model 665.15765691. I need the dimensions to remodel the cabinet.

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Lyle W
The installation guide that contains the exact dimensions of this dishwasher and the cabinet cutout dimensions is no longer available online or in hard copy. In the answer to your previous question, I provided the dimensions of the most similar model (665.15764000) that dimensions are available for. These dimensions are shown in the first image below. The second image shows the cabinet cut-out dimensions for this model (665.15764000). If you physically measure your dishwasher and it complies with the dimensions shown in the first image, then you should be able to use the cabinet cutout requirements provided in the second image. If your dishwasher is not the same dimensions as the one shown in the first image, then we will not be able to provide you with accurate cabinet cut-out dimensions for your dishwasher. They should be similar to the ones shown below. You may be able to adjust them based on the differences in dimensions if necessary.

Here is a complete copy of the installation instructions for dishwasher model 665.15764000:

Installation Instructions
by Lyle W
March 4th, 2009
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