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How often should my water softener regenerate on the ------ setting? Daily ? How about the 1?

It is a model 200 and after regeneration it has 10" of water in the tank.

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Manage My Life
Water softeners regenerate when about 3/4 of the capacity of the resin bed has been used if it is a demand softener. Some softeners have settings to regenerate on certain days.

The only water softeners I have seen have settings for the grains of hardness. I have never seen one with a setting of ------.

Ten inches of water in the brine tank is a little high for a demand softener. Demand softeners usually leave around 4-5 inches of water in the salt tank. This is to make brine for the next regeneration.

Older softeners left around 10 inches of water in the salt tank.

If you have a Craftsman opener, remove the lid for the salt tank. The model number of the softener is on a tag on the outside of the salt tank near the top of the salt tank.

If you will send another email and include the model number of the softener we will be glad to get you the information you need. If you send some details of what the water softener is doing or not doing, we can give you better information.
by Manage My Life
March 5th, 2009
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