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How do I clean between the oven door glass on my Kenmore range?

I have a Kenmore gas range model number 790.7885. Milk spilled on the stove top and seeped into the vent behind the oven handle. Now, there is a streak of milk between the two glass panes on the oven door. I looked in the manual and it doesn't explain how to get between the two panes to clean it.

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The oven door will need to be removed & some screws taken out in order to access the inside of the oven door glass. Please see the images provided that explain how to remove the oven door. After removing the oven door place it handle side up on a protected counter top. Have someone secure with the oven door down off the edge of the counter so you can access & remove the oven door handle screws # 10. Now remove the glass trim #3. You can now lift off the oven door glass & handle with trim for cleaning.
by Manage My Life
March 21st, 2009
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