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How does the "High Temp Wash" option on my dishwasher Kenmore Model 58715149401) work?

When I have used the "High Temp Wash" option on my dishwasher the timer would remain at the same place for 43 minutes and not move. To continue the cycle I turned the option off. The water is not hot either.

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Fred M
All newer dishwashers have a water heat feature that will stall the timer advance till the water heats up.

Usually this happens in the rinse cycle but the high temp wash option holds the timer in wash till the water temperature reaches 135 degrees.

The image below shows the wiring diagram for this dishwasher. Notice that beneath the hi-temp option switch is a thermostat that is open.

This particular thermostat is open until the water reaches 135 degrees and then it closes and provides voltage to the timer to advance the dishwasher out of the water heat portion of the cycle.

Electronic dishwasher controls are programmed to advance after a period of time but the mechanical timer on your dishwasher will not advance until the water heat thermostat closes.

If the water does not heat or if the water heat thermostat does not close then the dishwasher can remain in this portion of the cycle


From your description the most likely cause of this problem is a non working heater. If you have access to a volt/ohm meter you can check continuity across the element and the hi-limit thermostat. Both should show continuity across the circuit. Remember to turn the power to the dishwasher off before servicing.

You can remove the lower access panel to get access to the heater. See 2nd image below.

The most likely cause of your problem is a non functioning heater. If the thermostat and heater element check okay the most likely cause can be a bad timer.

I hope this information helps to resolve your problem but if any additional questions come up then submit another question with additional details.
by Fred M Earned 109,690 community points in Kenmore
March 25th, 2009
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