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Can I adjust the height of a Kenmore model 501.78353 refrigerator?

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April 25th, 2009 listed this fridge as having 4 adjustable rollers, however now that I have it I cannot see how they are adjusted, nor does the manual offer any information about adjusting the height. The manual talks only to the leveling adjustment at the front of the fridge. The issue I have is the fridge hinges/doors are slightly too high to allow the overhead kitchen cabinet doors to open and I would like to lower the overall height by maybe 1/4". Can you advise me if the rollers are actually adjustable and if so how do I do that? Secondly, if not, do you have any idea on how I might be able to lower them, short of removing the rollers?

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Lyle W
The back rollers on this refrigerator are not adjustable. Unless you have tile in the back of the opening for the refrigerator that could be effectively removed to reduce the height, the only way to lower the refrigerator would be to remove these rollers. Keep in mind that removing these rollers would make it much harder to pull the refrigerator in and out of the opening for servicing or maintenance.
by Lyle W
April 25th, 2009
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