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What is the difference between Delicate and Hand Wash cycles on my new Maytag Centennial washer?

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May 13th, 2009

I have a new model MVWC500VW Maytag Centennial washer and I would like to know the difference between the delicate and the hand wash cycles.

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Fred M
The agitation speed is the same in the hand wash and delicate cycle. The difference in the two cycles is how long it agitates at one time.

The delicate cycle will fill then agitate on low speed for the entire wash portion of the cycle.

Hand wash is accomplished by pausing the agitation during the cycle. In hand wash the washer will fill with water and start to agitate for approximately 10 seconds and pause for 60 seconds. This intermittent agitation is what makes the hand wash cycle different from the delicate cycle.

The delicate cycle will fill and agitate constantly and there is no pause.

I hope this information is helpful to you solving this problem.
by Fred M
May 13th, 2009
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