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Gas leaks from my lawn mowers air filter. Any thoughts?

I have Craftsman Eager 1. It has been in storage for several years. I took the gas and oil out when I stored it. It now has new gas and oil. When the gas goes into the tank it drips out of the air filter.

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Manage My Life
Only one thing causes this problem. The float inside the carburetor is not turning off the flow of fuel from the gas tank.

This can be caused by a broken or fuel soaked float, or some debris in the seat that the needle on the float sticks into when it rises. The seat can also be loose.

I recommend you replace the fuel line if you repair the carburetor. Fuel lines deteriorate and cause the debris that stops up the seat.

Fuel has probably gotten into the crankcase also. Check the oil for gasoline and be sure to change the oil if it has gas in it. The oil and gas mixed will cause serious damage to the engine internally.
by Manage My Life
May 20th, 2009
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