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Dale Morgan

Why doesn't my Kenmore washer model 110.20722991 spin in any cycle?

I have a Kenmore 70 series model 110.20722991 and I've tried all cycles but it won't spin the clothes dry. Basket doesn't turn easily when I try to move it but it doesn't seem to have anything jammed.

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Fred M
If the washer will fill and agitate but doesn't spin the most likely problem is the lid switch. On this washer a bad lid switch will allow the washer to fill and agitate but not drain and spin.

If the washer will not drain or spin then the lid switch is the most likely problem.

The image below shows how to remove the washer cabinet to access and check the lid switch.

In the details you say the clothes won't spin dry which I take to mean the basket is spinning but not very fast. You try to move the basket and it doesn't turn easily.

This sounds like a problem with the spin bearing or basket drive. There may be a piece of clothing under the spin basket and you might want to check for this first by removing the spin basket.

To remove the spin basket requires removing the agitator first. First remove the fabric softener and the agitator cap. Beneath the cap is a cam that is removed with a 1/2 socket drive extension and a bolt.

Beneath the agitator is a spanner nut that holds the spin basket to the drive shaft. The basket may take two people to remove.

I hope this information helps to resolve this problem for you. If other questions arise then submit another question with any additional details for further assistance.
by Fred M Earned 109,690 community points in Kenmore
May 21st, 2009
Answered in 23 hours
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Dale Morgan
Sorry, I may not have been clear enough. The washer will agitate & drain. Just doesn't spin to completely empty & semi-dry the clothes. Can the lid switch work in the drain cycle, but not the spin cycle? Can the harness connector be jumped bypassing the switch to check spin cycle further. Spin basket has been removed & nothing is stuck underneath. Does it now point to bearing or basket drive...what about clutch? What's may next step? Thank you
by Dale Morgan Earned 21 community points in Washers
May 21st, 2009
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