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How to install and use drying rack in Kenmore 700 Series dryer?

No diagram or pictures in user instructions. It is not clear how the rack goes in so that it does not rotate as the dryer rotates. How do I use the dryer rack?

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Manage My Life
I added instructions on how to use the drying rack in Kenmore dryer series 700.

How to use drying rack


Place drying rack inside dryer drum, positioning the back wire on the ledge of the inner back panel.

Push down on front edge of drying rack to secure over the lint screen.

Put the items on top of the rack. Leave space between the items so air can reach all the surfaces.

Close the door.

Select drying cycle.

Start machine.


:Do not allow items to hang over the edge of the rack.

General instructions are based on information that was provided with question. Resubmit question, include model and serial number for specific instructions for your dryer.
by Manage My Life
June 19th, 2009
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