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My Kenmore elite refrigerator, model 106.44323400 is not producing enough ice.

My Kenmore elite refrigerator, model 106.44323400 is not producing enough ice.The ice maker broke just after a year. We had it replaced. A year later it stopped working again. We replace the filter as often as it says to on the fridge. I have installed a new ice maker, but it will make good ice cubes but it just doesn't spit them out fast/often enough. (maybe two times a day). I am thinking it has something to do with the sensors.


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Manage My Life
In regards to your Kenmore refrigerator, Model # 106.4323400

Low water pressure or improper temperature can cause the ice make to work too slow.

Low water pressure, 'starves' the ice maker of water, resulting in 'not enough' ice. This can be caused from any of the following:

Low household water pressure - Water pressure to refrigerator should be at least 30 psi. You can check for adequate water pressure and flow. If you already have a refrigerator installed which has a water dispenser, you should be able to dispense about 3 to 6 ounces of water in about 5 seconds from your dispenser. -- contact a certified plumber if your water supply does not meet these conditions.

Clogged water filter - Replace water filter every 6 months, or sooner, as needed (depending upon water conditions).

Kinked tubing - Re-route plastic tubing to remove kink. Copper tubing cannot be uncoiled.

Water supply connected to a reverse osmosis filter - Remove refrigerator water supply from reverse osmosis and connect to standard household water.

When controls are at the wrong settings, the freezer temperature may be slightly too warm for the ice maker.

According to the following freezer temperatures in Fahrenheit:

Between 0 - 5F - Ice maker works great

Between 5 - 10F - Ice maker works, but


Between 10 - 15F - Ice maker works, but

very slowly

Between 15 - 20F - Ice maker works


, if at all
by Manage My Life
July 1st, 2009
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