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Why is the "Clean" blinking on my dishwasher and why won't it start?

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July 9th, 2009

I have a Kenmore dishwasher model 665.1602 and it won't start and the clean light just keeps blinking.

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Joey S
The blinking clean LED indicates the dishwasher did not detect a temperature rise of the wash water during the main wash. When the clean LED blinks 7 times the dishwasher ceases to operate until the control board is reset by running a diagnostic test.

A heater fault detection program has been added to the electronic control to monitor the operation of the heater. If a temperature rise in the water is not detected during the first 8 minutes of the beginning of the main wash, the dishwasher will shut down.

A fault will be indicated if:

A 2°F increase in the water temperature is not obtained when the inlet water temperature is greater than 90°F or a 4°F increase in the water temperature is not obtained when the inlet water temperature is less than 90°F.

If the correct temperature rise is not detected, the dishwasher will drain and blink the clean light 7 times signaling a heating fault. The detection will be ignored if the temperature is out of its normal range of 64-160 degrees? Fahrenheit or if the door is opened during the first 8 minutes of the main wash. This is to prevent a false detection.

Possible causes that could keep the water from properly heating:

Failed Heating Element or an open heating element circuit (heater, thermostat, or wiring)

If the Neutral side Door Switch is not closing (check switch and door latch assembly)

Note: The Neutral side door switch is only used for heater circuit.

Water not coming in or lack of water (check inlet valve circuit and water pressure)

Lack of water circulation (pump motor or restriction in circulation channels)

Siphoning of water during fill (check drain hose for proper installation)

SOLUTION: Troubleshoot the dishwasher for possible cause. Perform repair accordingly. Reset the electronic control by initiating a diagnostic cycle.

The service diagnostic cycle is activated by pressing the following keys respectively:

Heated Dry-Normal-Heated Dry-Normal and then allow the dishwasher to run about 2 minutes. Press Cancel/Drain and allow the dishwasher to complete the cycle. Once the dishwasher completes the cycle the dishwasher will operate normally unless it does not detect a temperature rise in the main wash at which time it will begin flashing the "Clean" LED again.

If it continues to flash the "Clean" LED, I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your dishwasher.
Answered in 23 hours
by Joey S
July 9th, 2009
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