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My Sears electric garage door keeps going up and down randomly on its own at times. Help?

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July 25th, 2009
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Manage My Life
This might be one of three problems.

1- there are wires crossing randomly , probably on the back of the wall station or the back of the motor unit.

2- you are receiving interfearence and need to erase and recode the opener. Find the colored learn button, press and hold it until the little led light by it goes out. Wait 3 minutes. Press the same button, like you would a door bell and then press the button on the remote you want to operate the opener. The light bulb will flash once to tell you it is done. Do this for all remotes.

3-Your logic board has received a surge, or has been shorted out. We suggest a surge protector on all openers, 900 joules or higher. If this is the case you need to replace the board and reprogram. Make sure and do a 2x4 safety test after you are done. Thanks BB
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by Manage My Life |
July 25th, 2009
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