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How do I unclog drain of the Kenmore Front Load Washer, Model # 110.47512601?

How do I unclog drain of the Kenmore Front Load Washer, Model # 110.47512601? My control panel displayed an error code of F-21 and Sd. The owner's manual states that it could be a draining problem.

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In reference to your Kenmore Washer, Model # 110.47512601


error code means the washer is not draining properly.

On some front load washers, there is a 'clean out' for the Drain Pump Filter on the bottom, front of the machine. This clean out allows for easy access to the drain pump filter and allows easy cleaning of the filter that prevents debris from entering the pump.

Note: Refer to the

Owner's Manual

to determine if the pump has a serviceable filter, and for specific removal and cleaning instructions.

To access and clean the filter


Locate the access door / panel at the bottom front of the washer (If equipped)

Gently, open the door or remove the panel.

Locate the drain hose and plug (2) if equipped. While using a drain pan or bucket to catch the water, remove the plug and allow the water to drain from the washer.



If the drain pan gets full, plug the hose, empty the drain pan, then continue draining until all water is out of the washer.

Make sure the drain plug (2) inserted back into the hose, it is a cork style plug and must be inserted fully.

If not equipped with a drain hose, make sure drain pan or bucket is under the filter housing area when removing the filter.

Once all water is removed from the washer, the pump filter (3) can be unscrewed by turning counter clockwise (typically 3 full turns), then pulled out of the filter housing.

Once removed, wash out the drain pump filter under running water at the kitchen or utility sink. Some light scrubbing may be needed to remove all soils from the filter.


: Make sure not to damage or lose the O-ring gasket on the filter.

Before reinstalling the filter, check the filter housing for foreign objects and soils that could block the filter. Once foreign objects and soils are removed, then reinstall the filter, plug and door in reverse order.


: Make sure the filter is fully seated and snug or it could leak. Do not over tighten, filter or housing damage could occur.

Run the washer and check for leaks.


error code is displayed when the control detects the basket has not seated on the hub or that the pressure switch has detected a Suds-lock condition.

The washer will try to run a mini-clean out cycle using cold water and a 5 minute pause to clear the suds. If this cycle does not clear the display and complete the cycle the clothing may need to be rinsed by hand and then rewashed. The fault is caused by using the wrong detergent or excessive amounts of detergent.


: General information for resolution to this problem, is based on information provided in question. Contact certified technician if problem persist.

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July 29th, 2009
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WOW!!!!! you just saved me a bunch of money!!! and I even found some in the process of unclogging my washer drain among the other yucky stuff I gained $2.15 who would think $ would ever fit through those little drain holes, and pencils, BB"s,a pair of tweezers ,chucky cheese tokens , eraser tops, 1/2 of a Bakugon, gum wrappers, and a piece of wire Thanks for helping, been trying to get my washer working all day and just as I decided to start taking it apart the hubs HAS to GO to the store!! hahahaha fixed it myself
by Manage My Life
August 24th, 2010
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