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Why is my Kenmore washer emitting a burning odor after replacing the motor coupler?

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August 4th, 2009

I replace the motor coupler on my Kenmore washer model 110.28902790. It works fine but putting off a burning smell. Whats up? I took the cabinet back off and felt the pump, motor, & gear box and none of them were excessively hot. Could I have gotten some dust in the motor, or perhaps some of the shavings off the old coupler? Or is the new coupler now putting extra strain on the motor and/or gear box?

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Joey S
The odor is likely emitting from the new motor coupler or the washer is overloaded with clothes. If the plastic portions of the motor coupler are not pushed up flush with the end of the motor shaft or pushed up flush with the end of the gear case input shaft it can cause excessive friction between the rubber isolator and the plastic couplers and cause it smell. Also make sure the motor is sitting flat in relation to the motor bracket. You do not want the motor leaning off center in relation to the gear case input shaft. Once you have confirmed the motor coupler and motor are re-installed correctly, the odor will likely go away with use.
by Joey S
August 4th, 2009
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