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I need a fuel routing diagram for my Craftsman string trimmer. Can you help?

It is a Craftsman model 358.798460 string trimmer. I need a fuel line routing diagram. I replaced the fuel lines and now it does not keep running after start.

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Manage My Life
You have one large fuel line and one smaller. This eliminates some chance for error. If you have 2 small fuel lines to the carburetor connect them and start the engine. Reversing the fuel lines will not prevent the engine from starting. If you have them connected backwards, the engine will start and die. Reverse them and you will be correct.

The routing of the fuel lines vary from model to model. Keep in mind that the primer bulb circulates fuel from the tank, through the carburetor, and back into the fuel tank. One line goes from the fuel tank to the carburetor. One line goes from the fuel tank to the primer bulb, from the primer bulb to the carburetor, and back to the fuel tank.
by Manage My Life
August 6th, 2009
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Manage My Life
I am replacing the fuel lines on my 358.798460 craftsman trimmer also. The problem is I waited so long for the parts I forgot the routing.
I have a large and small fuel line and the same holes in the tank. Which one gets the fuel filter and which one is the return to the tank?
The primer bulb has a large and small port.
There are 2 identical ports on the carb. One adjacent the diaphragm pump and one adjacent the needle and seat. Can you tell me how to route it.
Also the large lines I ordered from Sears Direct don't fit on the carb snugly.
by Manage My Life
May 8th, 2012
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