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How do I diagnose an F6 error code failure on my Whirlpool Duet washer model GHW9400PW1?

I have a Whirlpool Duet washer model GHW9400PW1. It will run for about 5 minutes in a rinse and spin cycle. It then goes to spin and an F6 code appears. I checked all connections and found them to be good. I performed a continuity check at the motor and found pins 1&2, 2&3, and 1&3 to all have an infinite resistance instead of a 6 ohm reading. Six ohms is stated to be normal while an infinity reading is abnormal. Is the motor bad or is the MCU bad? What else can be checked to determine which component is defective without purchasing both parts and tying the trial and error method?

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Lyle W
If you performed the resistance checks on the motor properly, then you have a failed drive motor. The first image below shows the wiring and pin locations for the motor. The tachometer resistance through pins 4 and 5 should read 118 ohms. Make sure that you checked the correct pins. If the resistance through the motor windings reads open (measures infinite resistance), then the motor will need to be replaced. If the tachometer resistance is open or short (reads near zero ohms) then the motor will also need to be replaced.

If the motor tumbles but does not spin, then the motor windings cannot be open. The tachometer could be bad. This would prevent the washer from spinning and would result in the F6 error code.

If you recheck the motor based on the information below and it is okay, then you could have a failed MCU (motor control unit) or a bad CCU (central control unit). You could also have a failed wiring harness or a wire harness connection problem. Make sure that you properly check the wire harness connections on the CCU. The CCU is shown in the second image below with the wire harness connections labeled. If the motor is okay, then the motor control unit would be the next component that is normally replaced. If that does not resolve the problem then the CCU would be replaced. If both of these control boards were replaced and the problem still exists, then the wiring harness would be replaced.
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September 1st, 2009
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