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Why does the motor my Sears vacuum cleaner model 11631912100 run backwards and blow air into the back compartment?

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September 2nd, 2009

I have a vacuum cleaner model 11631912100. The motor runs backwards blowing air into the dust-collection-bag-compartment instead of sucking it out. What repair or part needed?

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Lyle W
I am having a hard time understanding your problem with the vacuum cleaner. If the vacuum motor was running backwards, it would be blowing air out of the suction hose. The vacuum cleaner will normally have air flow into the dust bag. If the dust bad is broken or has a hole in it, it could be allowing too much air flow into the bag compartment. I recommend that you check the bag.

If the vacuum cleaner is blowing out the suction hose instead of sucking in, I recommend that you have a service technician diagnose and repair the vacuum cleaner. Accessing the components and maintaining the proper wire routing in this vacuum cleaner is best accomplished by an experienced technician.
by Lyle W
September 2nd, 2009
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