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How can I fix "LF" error message on my Kenmore Oasis washer?

My Kenmore Oasis washer is giving me a "LF" error message and shutting down mid-cycle, how to fix?

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In reference to your Kenmore Oasis washer:


Error code:


stands for long fill and occurs when the water level does not change for a period of time after the valves are turned on.

All washers are designed to operate with a water supply pressure of 20-100 PSI. When the pressure drops below 20 PSI the washer can have the following problems:

Slow Fill- low water pressure reduces the speed at which water flows into the machine.

Verify the pressure at all other water sources in the house (i.e. sinks, showers, etc..). If you find other places where the pressure is low, the problem is not with the machine but with the water supply.

Continuous Fill- The valve may not fully seat under 20 PSI which would allow for a constant flow even when the machine is not supposed to be filling.

Contact the water company to verify the pressure being supplied to the house.

dispenser- Needs a minimum amount of pressure to function. May dispense constantly, at the wrong time, or not at all.

A plumber may need to be consulted if the pressure is found to be too low.

Things you can check


Are the Hot and Cold water faucets turned on

Are the water hoses kinked

Make sure all the hose are straight and able to flow water

Are the screen inside the water valve plugged

Inlet valve should be free of debris and rust.

Turn off water and remove the inlet hoses from washer.

Remove any accumulated film or particles.

Assure rubber washers are in the end of each inlet hose.

Reinstall hoses, turn on water and check for leaks.

Error codes can be caused by a Power Surge or other electrical anomaly,attempt to return the washer to operation by following the Hard Reset procedure below.

Unplug or turn the circuit breaker off for 30 seconds.

Reconnect the unit to the power source by turning the breaker back on or plugging the unit back into the wall outlet.

Press the Pause/Cancel/Stop button twice to clear the display.

Start a short cycle to check the operation of the machine by selecting a cycle and pressing and holding the start button until the machine starts
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September 2nd, 2009
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