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Why does my Kenmore Elite dishwasher model 665.17579201 run for hours when the timer stays on 43 minutes?

I have a Kenmore Elite dishwasher model 665.17579201. It will run for hours when the timer stays on 43 minutes. Why is this happening?

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Lyle W
This dishwasher will normally pause several times in the cycle to heat the water. A problem with the water level, the heater element, the temperature sensor or the control could cause the stall in the cycle. Here are some issues to check:

Check the water level in the bottom of the tub. Start a cycle and allow the dishwasher to fill. Crack the door to stop the cycle as soon as the filling stops. Open the door to observe the water level in the bottom of the dishwasher tub. The water should be within 1/4" to just touching the bottom of the heater element. If it is too low, I recommend that you check the fill line and the water pressure and flow supplied to the dishwasher. Here is a link for the installation guide to your dishwasher that will help you access and check this issue if needed:

Installation Instructions


Low water temperature can cause a long pause in the cycle. Check the water temperature supplied to the dishwasher by following these steps:

Run the hot kitchen sink tap for 1 minute.

Fill a glass with water from the hot tap.

Check the temperature of the water in the glass with an accurate thermometer.

You should measure near 120 degrees. If not, I recommend adjusting your hot water heater.

Check the heating element in the dishwasher to make sure that it is heating. If not, it will likely need to be replaced. You can order this part from the

Sears PartsDirect


The dishwasher has a diagnostic test cycle that is described on the portion of the tech sheet shown in the image below. If you are able to enter this diagnostic test, you can check to see if the thermistor and the pressure switch are operating properly. A problem with one of these components could be causing your problem.

These tips may help you determine the cause of your problem. If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.
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September 16th, 2009
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