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Why won't my new Craftsman 5600 generator idle down when not under a load?

My Craftsman generator model # 580.325600 5600 watt 10 H.P. is new but out of warranty, (i have had it in storage) it will not idle down and never has (even the first time i used it when it was new)and only used it once since i bought it,- it runs full balst all the time even when no load is on it, i can pull back the throttle by hand and make it idle down but when released it goes back to high rpm , there is only one spring on the govenrer should it have two springs ? i know it is not good to run full throttle all the time, I wrote to sears and they sent me to ask you, i have a owners manual it is no help to me, what do ya think is wrong?

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Manage My Life
Your generator is operating as designed and it’s normal for the engine to run at a fast speed. It has a governor that will increase the throttle to compensate for the current load when needed. The generator is not going to throttle down or idle when not under a load. If you were to push the governor rod in the opposite direction than you did to slow the engine and then let it go, the engine will speed up and slow back down to the normal RPM level and stabilize out meaning the governor and generator is operating normally.

NOTE: Do not over rev the engine when you do this

. Do Not tamper with the governed speed. Generator supplies correct rated frequency and voltage when running at governed speed.

by Manage My Life
September 25th, 2009
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