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Why is my Kenmore washer not spinning or draining?

How much will it cost to repair my Kenmore HE3t washer?

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October 9th, 2009

My 6 yr old Kenmore HE3t washer won't spin and drain. I have tried the suggestions in the owner’s manual and they don't work. Sears says labor cost is $129 or so. I wonder whether the cost of parts is worth it on a machine this old, so I want an idea of what may be wrong and what it would cost to repair it, before spending more than a hundred bucks plus the cost of staying home from work for the repairperson to come. Aside from the current problem, I have sometimes had problems with the touch pad electronics going batty, but that problem always goes away on its own after a while.

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Manage My Life
The water in the tub has to drain out before the washer will spin. If the drain pump is getting 120volts & is not draining, I recommend removing the pump filter to see if something is lodged in the pump. If the drain motor is not receiving 120volts we will need to use a volt meter to track down the problem.

Please see the images provided that explains how to put the control into a test mode & access to check the pump.
by Manage My Life
October 9th, 2009
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