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Why won't my oven heat above 350 degrees?

The oven only works when the dial is set to 350 or below. Above this, it only gets warm. Also, like when using the broiler to finish a pizza, the broiler will not turn on because the oven beeps and says preheated when you turn the dial from bake to broil. It is a Kenmore range model 911.95565790. I've done a lot of research and found the only electronic parts are the oven control board for $101.00 or the sensor for $76.00. Which is more likely the culprit, if either? Do you have any other ideas? We've been using the oven for 5 years without these issues until recently.

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Joey S
You did not indicate if the broiler element will come on and heat or not when the oven is cold. The broil element and bake element are both used and cycled on an off during the bake mode. I added some theory of oven operation in the image below.

Based on your symptom the likely failure could be a bad bake or broil element since both are used during the bake mode. See image below. It's not likely a control failure or temperature sensor. You can disconnect and test the oven sensor probe and the bake and broil elements using an ohm meter. When the oven sensor is at room temperature the resistance of oven temperature sensor should measure 15 ohms at 75 degrees. The broil element should measure 17 ohms and the bake element should measure 22 ohms. You should be able to diagnose the failure with the information given.

NOTE: Disconnect the power supply to the range before disconnecting and testing the broil and bake elements

by Joey S Earned 113,887 community points in Kenmore
October 12th, 2009
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