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How do I fix my Craftsman Professional floor jack that is leaking hydraulic fluid?

It shows model number 50156 or CG0511026103 (or CG94). That is all the numbers that are shown on it. It is (I think) about 4-5 years old and leaked out about 1/2 the hydraulic fluid. It now will lift about 4 inches before it stops. What can I do? Is there a service center near 98664 Vancouver, WA? Is there a lifetime warranty on this floor jack like there is on Craftsman tools? I see where I add hydraulic fluid but I cannot see where or how to stop the leak.

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Lyle W
I am not able to determine the model of Craftsman Professional floor jack that you have based on the numbers that you submitted. The numbers do not match up to valid model numbers.

I recommend that you have this type of product serviced by a technician.

Without a model number, I cannot see the warranty on this item.

I do not see a service center near Vancouver, WA. You can normally take an item to any Sears store for service. If they do not have a service facility at the store, they will normally ship the item off for service. I recommend contacting your local Sears store to arrange service for this floor jack.
by Lyle W Earned 6,475 community points in Craftsman
October 13th, 2009
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