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How do I align the drum on the back of the dryer to replace the screws?

I have a Kenmore dryer model number 417.97042700 that the 3 screws from the drum came out and I am trying to get them back in but it is hard to align the screw holes because the drum dropped down. Is there an easy way to get the screws back? Does this require a repair call?

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On something like this I recommend removing the drum. The drum shaft support is what holds up the back of the drum. It will be easier to pull the complete drum out & align the holes for the screws. You may also consider replacing the rear drum support assembly while you have the unit taken apart.

Please see the images provided explaining how to remove the dryer drum & access the rear support assembly, part number 5303281153.

Use a putty knife to release the clips between the front & top panels. Lift the top up to access the front panel screws.

Remember to

disconnect power

before attempting repairs.
by Manage My Life
October 13th, 2009
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