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Christopher Trinco

My Craftsman push mower self propelled feature is acting strange.

I have a Craftsman rear wheel drive mower (917.377660) which is 6 years old.
2 issues I'm having,

The first, when I release the lever that engages the rear wheel drive, and then try to pull the mower backwards or try to turn it, one of the rear wheels locks up. My work around has been to push the mower up a few inches which then frees up the wheels. That doesn't seem to work all the time now. Several weeks ago I did clean leaves and grass out from the belt which helped for a couple weeks.

Second issue, the back wheels make a great deal of noise when being pushed. I hear it more so when the mower is off. Its a rather loud grinding noise.

So my questions are; first issue, what could be causing my drive unite to lock up my wheels?

Second question second issue; can the bearings be greased?

Thank you for helping me out! I've asked a few questions in the past and was extremely happy with the advice.


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Manage My Life
I think the problems you are having require cleaning instead of greasing. You don't want to put grease in the pinion gears or on the axles that come from the gearbox, because the grease will retain grit and debris.

I suggest removing both rear wheels and the pinion gears, the drive discs and all the parts that drive the wheels. Wash everything and let the parts dry then reassemble.

You can see a parts diagram that shows all the parts and the order they go in. Be sure you assemble them as they came off. If any part shows wear or is warped, replace it.

The pawls are what releases the pinion when you stop driving the wheels. Debris will keep the pawl from releasing. The grinding noise you hear might be debris in the drive mechanism and will cause wear.

You should blow out the dust covers with compressed air whenever you can to prevent wear on these parts.
by Manage My Life
October 15th, 2009
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