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Garage door opener- remote only works if held very close (2 inches ) from motor/antenna area.

I recently had an issue where the chain/cable of my garage door opener - Craftsman model 139.53513 - got caught on the rail and causing the opener to stop. Upon releasing the cable from the rail, i heard a "pop" come from the motor. Since then when using the remote, the opener will only operate if the remote is held within a very short distance ( two inches or so ) of the motor/antenna area. I'm looking to understand what it will take to fix this issue.

Thanks, Jon

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Manage My Life
This is either a remote problem or logic board/receiver issue. Since you heard a pop inside the unit I would not suspect the remote. Find the led light by the learn button and stand back 15-20 feet where it will not open it. If you press the button and this light flickers or flashes at all the the remote is sending correctly. Actually if you have another opener or you can go to a neighbors house to do the same thing with theirs this will be a better field test. It does not matter the brand year or anything. All openers are made to receive and pass signals on any mhz.

It sounds like you damaged the receiver on the unit. You can either get an external receiver to retrofit it r replace the logic board that has it internal. If you get an external one make sure it operates on the same frequency as the remotes or they will not be compatible. A logic board is not an issue here on frequency. You can go to for replacement parts. If you need help click on the contact us icon.
by Manage My Life
October 18th, 2009
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