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What is the proper way of "Tinning" my soldering gun?

I am having problems "tinning" the tip of my soldering gun, even though I have followed the instruction manual. Could you please help? Need help "tinning" my Craftsman #54045 Solder gun tip.

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Joey S
Things You’ll Need:


Wet sponge

Commercial tip cleaner

Inspect the soldering iron tip for abrasions or damage. Replace a broken tip. Typically, the soldering iron tip will slide from the soldering iron after releasing a small setscrew near the tip.

Plug in the soldering iron and let it reach a high temperature. Wipe away any existing solder or contaminants with a wet sponge.

Use a soldering iron tip cleaning paste to remove oxidized material from the tip. Dip the end of the soldering iron tip into the paste while the tip is at operating temperature and wipe the tip clean on a wet sponge.

Place the solder on the very end of the cleaned soldering iron tip. Keep the solder in place until it begins to melt. Move the solder all over the tip in an even coat.

Wipe away access solder on the wet sponge until the tip is shiny and covered with heated solder.

Tips & Warnings

Wipe the tip across the sponge's edge to bring the melted solder to a point.

Place the soldering iron in a holder when not in use to prevent damage to the tip.

Wear eye protection for the project
by Joey S Earned 8,558 community points in Craftsman
November 11th, 2009
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