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How long should the cooling cycle on my refrigerator run before I get concerned?

I have a side by side GE Profile Model TFX25PPZB. We bought it in 1998. The cooling cycle seems to be running longer than it had in the past, but the refrigerator and freezer are still cooling to the correct temperatures. At the end of the cooling cycle it seems to "chug" a little as it shuts down. I have checked around the seals (which seem fine) and checked the under unit coils (are clean). Is this a sign that the unit is in need of repair? Is there something else I should check? Is there a way to know it is time to call a repair technician before it stops cooling and I loose all the food in it?

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: How long should the cooling cycle on my refrigerator run before I get concerned?



The motor-fan can run too much due to any of the following


Refrigerator is new and energy efficient.

A large amount of food just added.

Temperature settings adjusted too cold.

Doors being opened frequently or for long periods.

Warm humid weather.

Condenser coil is dirty.

Refrigerator is new and Energy Star rated: It's normal for a brand new refrigerator to run longer on initial startup to allow the temperature to stabilize which usually takes up to 24 hours. The new energy efficient refrigerators are designed to run more (up to 80% of the time) but use less energy due to smaller, more efficient compressors, motors and high-tech defrost systems. See the owner's manual for more information. See: What is an "Energy Star" rated appliance?

A large amount of food just added: Adding a large amount of food causes the refrigerator to run more due to the added food load, as well as the time the doors were opened during loading.

Temperature settings adjusted too cold: If controls are set too high it causes the unit to run longer. See use and care guide for more detailed information.

Doors being opened frequently or for long periods: Each time the doors are opened, the cold air inside is exchanged with the warm humid room air which causes the unit to run longer. Open doors as seldom as possible and close them promptly.

Warm humid weather: Warm humid weather causes the unit to run longer to maintain normal interior temperatures and humidity levels. Run household air conditioner if possible.

Condenser coil is dirty: When the condenser coil becomes clogged with dust and / or pet hair (if applicable), the unit has to run longer to compensate. Clean condenser coil at least twice per year or more often as needed. See owner's manual for instructions on how to clean condenser coils.

Refrigerator may run anywhere from 4-8 hours before shutting down and go into the defrost cycle.
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November 11th, 2009
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