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Manage My Life

How do I replace the fuel line on a Craftsman gas blower model # 358.797310?

I have purchased a new fuel line, and need to replace the old one.

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Manage My Life
First, drain all the fuel into a fuel safe container and not into glass container, or you can run the fuel tank dry.

In order to access the fuel lines the carburetor cover, carburetor, and the left hand and right hand housing will need to taken off.

Remove the two (2) carburetor cover screws and the (2) carburetor mounting screws. Remove the fuel lines from the carburetor and primer bulb.

Remove the 10 screws fastening the two housings together.

Once you have the left and right side housings removed you should have no problem replacing the fuel lines.

Two (2) fuel lines will connect between the carburetor and gas tank. One likely will press fit through for the fuel pickup line with filter inside the gas tank.

NOTE: Take note of which is the fuel supply line and which is the primer fuel line. Also make sure you remember the way the original lines are routed.

Here is a link to the owner's manual

Owner's manual
by Manage My Life
November 19th, 2009
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Donald Hamman
My blower, Model 358.797342, does NOT have any screws holding the shroud together. It is held together by fastemers of a type I have never seen. There are no screwdriver slots, nor are there hex or star recejptacles. The head of the fasteners is simply round with no way to remove. HOw do I open the shroud?
by Donald Hamman Earned 14 community points in Craftsman
May 24th, 2011
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