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Where can you find a non yellowing white paint.

Who makes a non yellowing white paint for kitchen use?. Years ago we used a "Swedish paint" that still looks good today. The kitchen needs to be refreshed and repaired from leveling the house. The paint store in Lake Charles does not have a replaced paint available.

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Manage My Life
It's either photo-degradation by UV or general oxidation due to bad paint chemistry. I could suggest a number of additives to stop this happening but you may as well just use some epoxy 2 pack (yes) if you want your white to stay white. How many old fiberglass boats do you see which have yellowed?

If you don't want to use an epoxy(and I would do my home work on it before I did it) the next best thing is water based gloss. B&Q Everwhite is probably the best, but you can do your own research on the best. One other thoght don't smoke inside as this causes it to yellow too. Thanks BB
by Manage My Life
November 22nd, 2009
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