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Why won’t my ProForm XP 580 treadmill run?

Model 831248552 was running at high speeds and now won’t run at all. The control board lights up and works, but when I hit start the motor wont run.

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Manage My Life
When the treadmill motor doesn't start it can be caused by the motor, controller, power board, console, or a wiring harness. I am sending you a wiring schematic for your treadmill, and instructions for putting the treadmill into the calibration mode. To test the voltages to and from the console and boards the treadmill has to be in calibration. Don't stand on the walking belt because you might move a wire causing the treadmill to start turning. The console will beep while it is in calibration, let it beep, it won't damage it.

If you are not comfortable working around live electricity, I recommend calling an experienced service technician to better evaluate and possibly repair your appliance

. Read the voltage to the console between the red and either black wire, it has to read between 8-12 volts dc. Between both black and the blue wire you should read 1-5 volts dc. If you don't have the 8-12 volts between black and red, the power supply board is bad. If you have the 8-12 volts and not the 1-5 between blue and black the console is bad.

If you have the voltage coming from and going into the console remove the hood covering the motor and front roller of the treadmill and read between black and blue at the connector going into the power board. It should be 1-5 just as it was at the console. If you don't have this voltage the wire harness between the power board and the console is bad.

If you have the correct voltage at blue and black coming into the power supply board go to the motor controller board and check the voltage at L, W, and H on the controller. If you have the voltage between L and H but not between W and L the power supply board is bad. If you don't have voltage between L and H the controller is bad.
by Manage My Life
November 30th, 2009
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