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What does IQ-touch mean on the Electrolux washer?

What does IQ-touch mean on the model 6010 for the Electrolux washer?

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Lyle W
The IQ Touch is a trade mark protected name for the type of control that is used on that model of Electrolux washer. The IQ Touch controls use an LCD screen that displays the estimated remaining cycle time as well as other information such as the cycle selected. There are many different options available for each cycle. The options available for each selected cycle will light up to indicate that they are available. There is a favorite cycle that can be selected and programmed on the control. The control features a Touch-2-Open switch that will open the washer door and also a similar feature on the detergent dispenser. Here is a link for the full owner's manual on that model that describes the controls:

Use & Care Guide


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NOTE: Since you are apparently shopping for a new washer, I recommend that you also consider the LG, Samsung and Kenmore models (Kenmore models starting with "796.") that have a new

direct drive

motor system. The Electrolux model mentioned above is a good washer with excellent control features but the new direct drive washers will likely last longer and be more dependable in the long run. The direct drive system eliminates the need for a belt and pulley system to rotate the spin basket inside the washer drum. The rotor of the direct drive motor is attached directly to the shaft that is connected to the spin basket of the washer. This puts less stress and wear on the spin bearing at the back of the washer tub. This can also allow the washer to balance the load better in the high speed spin. Samsung and LG are the only brands that feature this direct drive motor at this time. LG manufactures the new Kenmore models (ones that start with model number 796.) that feature this type of drive system. These direct drive washers have been out in the market and in use for several years with very low service rates. That is why I recommend considering a direct drive washer along with the Electrolux model that you mentioned.
by Lyle W Earned 69,147 community points in Washers
December 15th, 2009
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