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How do I remove the blade on my craftsman miter saw?

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December 16th, 2009

Putting a wood block under the blade in an attempt to keep it from moving so blade bolt could be removed. I couldn't remove the blade; it merely turned and cut the block of wood. Appears bolt is frozen. I don't know. You said something about a parts diagram. Is that available? I don't even have that without a manual. Bolt appears to be frozen. That's just a guess but you can't loosen it without some form of release or if really frozen in place, a way to unfreeze it.

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Mark Thomas
I have checked for a manual for your saw. I was unable to find the manual but we still show an exploded view of the parts. You can view the parts for you saw on this link.

Sears Parts Direct

I could not find out if your saw has a left or right hand threaded bolt. Most saw blade bolts turn clockwise to remove the bolt. I recommend that you use a block of hard wood to hold the blade. If you tap on the end of the wrench to loosen the bolt, this might help if the bolt is rusted. You may need to use WD-40 also.
by Mark Thomas
December 16th, 2009
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