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How do I adjust the humidifier on my furnace?

In the article: "Moderate your indoor humidity in winter" on step 3 it says to "Adjust the humidifier on your furnace, based on the outdoor temperature"

* -20 degrees F. — 15%
* -20 to -10 degrees F. — 20%
* -10 to 0 degrees F. — 25%
* 0 to +10 degrees F. — 35%
* +10 and above degrees F. — 40%
I have no idea at all on how to adjust it on my furnace. Is there a button? Please give me any tips.

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Lyle W
There is normally a humidistat on the humidifier that is installed on the furnace. The humidistat will have a dial or control that will adjust the level of humidity supplied by the humidifier. Look for a dial or a control on or near the humidifier. If you cannot find one then I recommend checking the owner's manual for your humidifier to determine how to adjust the humidity setting. I would need a brand and model number for the humidifier to help you further. Resubmit your question with this additional information if you need more help.
by Lyle W Earned 10,866 community points in Building Supplies
December 17th, 2009
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