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Why does my smell like something is burning and not drain and spin?

I have a washer model AAV7000AWW that fills with water but won't spin or rinse and smells like its burning. It fills with water but isn't rotating or draining water and a bit of a burning smell.

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Fred M
Your washer has a single belt that drives the gear case and the drain pump. If the burning odor smells like rubber, it may just need a new belt. The motor runs in one direction during agitation and then the motor has to reverse the direction of operation in order to drain and spin. The belt acts like a clutch and he designed to slip during the drain and spin operation. Also when the motor starts in the drain and spin direction there is brake assembly that must release by the gear case pulley before the basket will begin to spin. This symptom will have to be diagnosed by a technician. The brake is not designed to be taken apart without the proper tools and knowledge.

Your symptom could be caused by a worn out drive belt, possibly a bad drain pump and or worn out thrust bearing. The drive belt can be replaced by leaning the washer up against the wall and rolling the belt off and the new one on. If the pump needs to be replaced you will need to remove the rear panel in order to remove the two hoses and the screws securing the pump to the base.

I recommend calling a service technician to diagnose and repair your washer.

If the image is not viewable then check your email for a duplicate image.
by Fred M Earned 93,277 community points in Washers
December 18th, 2009
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