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What do the little recycling numbers on plastic bottles, etc. mean?

On a plastic bottle's recycling label, what do the numbers 1 through 7 mean?

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Manage My Life
The numbers identify which type of plastic the container is made from:

(1) PET or PETE (Polyethylene and Terephthalateplastic), used for soft drinks, water and salad dressing bottles, peanut butter and jam jars;

(2) PE-HD (HDPE) (High Density Polyethylene) plastic, used for water pipes, Hula-Hoop rings, milk, juice and water bottles, and the occasional shampoo or toiletry bottle;

(3) PVC (Polyvinyl Chloride) plastic, used for juice bottles, cling wraps, and PVC piping;

(4) PE-LD (LDPE) (Low Density Polyethylene) plastic, used for frozen food bags, squeezable bottles, e.g., honey or mustard, cling wraps, and flexible container lids;

(5) PP (Polypropylene) plastic, used for reusable microwave ware, kitchen storage container, yoghurt containers, margarine tubs, disposable cups and plates;

(6) PS (Polystyrene) plastic, used for egg cartons, packing peanuts, disposable cups, plates, trays and cutlery, and disposable take-out containers; and

(7) O (Other (often polycarbonate or ABS)) plastic, used for beverage bottles, baby bottles, and electronic casing.

At one time you could only recycle bottles with a number 1 or 2, but more and more recycling facilities are accepting all seven numbers.
by Manage My Life
December 16th, 2009
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