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How do I unfreeze the icemaker water line in my Kenmore refrigerator #10653603202?

I have plenty of water pressure into the icemaker line but the rubber tube that hangs from the top of the freezer compartment was frozen. I squirted hot water on it and removed all the ice but still no water. I am not able to blow air through the line, so I still think it's frozen just above the inner wall of the freezer. How do I get that unfrozen?

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scott d
The best method to get the ice out of the icemaker water tube is to squirt hot water up into the water tube. The icemaker will need to be removed to do this. To remove the icemaker, the instructions are as follows:

Disconnect the unit from the electrical supply.

To remove the ice maker:

Open the freezer door.

Close the spring-loaded emitter door and open the ice maker door.

Push the ice maker door to the left so that the right pin disengages from the pivot arm, then lift the pin out of the pivot and remove the left pin.

Remove the wire shield screw from the bottom of the ice maker.

From the rear of the ice maker, lift the top of the wire shield slightly and pull it back to release it from the ice maker.

Press up on the two retaining clips (one on each side) at the bottom of the ice maker tracks with a fingernail of each hand, pull the ice maker forward and remove it.

If the freezer gets too cold (below zero) it can cause this type of problem. If the temperature is ok and the water tube freezes again, a new fill tube that includes a heater # 4389174 will need to be installed. This can be a difficult job and may need a technician to install it. If you need more assistance, you can resubmit your question with more details.
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December 30th, 2009
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