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Manage My Life

My Cuisinart 14 cup stainless food processor will not start. What can be the problem?

by Manage My Life Last activity date:
January 15th, 2010

My one year old Cuisinart food processor (which worked fine the last time I used it) just sat there, making no attempt to start when I turned it on this time. I checked the power in the outlet and it is fine. All pieces of the unit are snapped into place correctly. I tried pushing a pen tip in the button that makes the connection when the lid is snapped in place thinking it might be a reset button, to no avail.

Small Kitchen Appliances
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Answers (1)
Manage My Life
Without a model number I can only give you some general information on the food processor.

The plunger you pushed with a pen is a safety switch to keep you from starting the machine without the cover in place.

One of the safety switches or the main on and off switch might have failed. A wire might have broken or gotten disconnected inside the processor.

Someone will need to take the food processor apart and check the wiring with a meter to diagnose the problem.

I recommend you take the processor to a Sears Parts and Service Center or a Sears Retail Store for repair.
Answered in 19 hours
by Manage My Life
January 15th, 2010
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