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rear-window defrost connection came loose;how can I reattach?

2002 Monte Carlo SS; rear-window defrost connection was knocked loose from the rear-window attachment on one side. How does this need to be reattached? Can this connector simply be soldered with a soldering iron or is there a special weld that needs done?

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Dan Wilson
Defroster Tab Repairs

When the electric defroster grid does not work at all, small breaks in the horizontal grid can be eliminated as the problem. In this case, all of the horizontal defroster grid lines would need to be broken and it is very unlikely that this would happen without it being immediately obvious. Begin trouble shooting a total grid failure by carefully inspecting the thick vertical side bars of the defroster. A break or scratch in one of these bars could cause the defroster to fail completely. Use the Frost Fighter Grid Kit to repair any small breaks or scratches in these critical side bars.

The more likely cause of a total defroster grid failure is a separated main power tab. These critical tabs connect the defroster grid with the vehicle’s high amperage defroster circuit and are located on each of the defroster grid’s vertical side bars These all important main power tabs can be knocked off of the defroster causing total defroster failure. Look for dangling wires near the sides of the defroster as a sure indication of this problem. Once this problem has been identified the challenge becomes reliably reattaching the separated tabs without damaging the back glass or the existing defroster.

To reattach these separated tabs, pull the metal clip out of its connector and use the Frost Fighter Tab Repair Kit to repair the problem. The kit uses a fast curing, two part conductive silver epoxy to reattach the main power tabs to the vertical defroster bars. Frost Fighter silver epoxy comes in two syringes for precise dispensing and is mixed at a simple 1:1 ratio.

Dip the end of the tab into the adhesive making sure to thoroughly coat the area to be rebonded to the defroster grid. The simple Frost Fighter tab repair system is safe for all defroster tab configurations and will not cause additional damage to the defroster as soldering or other methods of tab repair can do.

Replace the separated defroster tab over the area were it was originally separated and rock gently to seat the tab. The highly conductive silver filled epoxy cures quickly and bonds aggressively to glass forming both the electrical and structural connection in one simple operation. Frost Fighter tab repair kits allow repairs to be made in ten minutes when heated.
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January 22nd, 2010
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