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Why does my treadmill stop running until I step off the belt?

My Proform XP620 after a couple of hours of continuous use just stops. If I get off it, the belt continues to run, get back on it, it shuts down again. If I let it sit still for a few minutes it starts running continuously again. It is aggravating when you are in the middle of your workout. It is only a year and a half old. Do you have any ideas?

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Manage My Life
The most likely cause of the treadmill stopping after continued use is poor belt lubrication. Do the following test to see if the belt needs lubrication and if the belt is ok, you probably have a pinched wire in a wiring harness.

To test the walking belt lubrication, do not turn the treadmill motor on. Set the elevation to the highest level. Stand near the front of the walking belt. Push yourself firmly toward the rear of the treadmill. If the belt is properly lubricated the belt will take you to the rear edge of the treadmill and dump you off on the floor. If you move and stop, the belt needs lubricating.

The part number for the belt lubrication kit is 219168. You can buy it at

Sears Parts Direct

The cost is around $4.00. The application instructions should be in the package, but in case they are not, here is how to apply the lubrication.

Turn the walking belt until the belt seam is along the top of the front roller. Raise the belt on one side in the center of the walking board front to back as high as you can. Apply ½ the tube of lubrication to the walking board in a zig zag fashion moving from front to back. Move the belt until the seam comes up on top of the rear roller and lift the belt again and put the rest of the lubrication on the walking board in the same manner. Turn the treadmill on and walk on the belt for 10-20 minutes. Walk all over the belt to distribute the lubrication evenly on the walking belt and board.

If you require further assistance please resubmit question with details of the checks you have made. I will be looking forward to helping you again in the near future.
by Manage My Life
January 20th, 2010
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