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How do I replace the bellows (torn) on my Kenmore Elite HE3t Model 110 42922200 washing machine?

Kenmore Elite Front-loading washing machine, HE3t Model 110 42922200, bellows is part #8181850. We need to remove the old bellows (torn in several places) and install the new bellows. We have ordered new wire at front and clamp? in back as well. Can we please have full directions for a complete repair with diagram? Thank you.

Kenmore , Washers
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Manage My Life
In order to replace the bellow you will have to remove the washer cabinet.

To remove the cabinet of the washer:

Unplug the washer.

Remove the bottom front service panel.

Remove the top washer panel.

Remove the detergent dispenser.

Remove the screws near the dispenser housing that secure the console to the front of the washer.

Unplug the console wire harness connections from the machine control board.

Remove the console from the front of the washer.

Remove the spring clamp from the front of the door bellows.

Remove the front panel of the washer.

Remove the clamp that secures the bellows to the washer tub.

Replace the bellows and reverse the procedure for reassembly.

Images have been provided as requested with instructions. If you feel uncomfortable performing this repair I recommend scheduling an in home repair with one of our technicians.
by Manage My Life
January 25th, 2010
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