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Why am I getting spots on my clothes after washing and drying them?

My husband's shirt came out with a lot of spots/stains that it did not seem to go in with. I rewashed and BIZ soaked and the orig spots came out but new ones came. I thought maybe it was just a flook but this weak I washed a brand new t-shirt that I new had no spots and it came out of the dryer with a spot on the front of the shirt.

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Manage My Life
Why am I getting spots on my clothes after washing and drying them?

Since you are not sure whether the stains are coming from the washer or the dryer I will give you some

general information

on both.

If you are getting brown streaks/stains on the clothes and its coming from the


, then the likely cause is one of two things:

Transmission oil

Gunk breaking loose from the inner wall of the outer tub

I recommend removing the cabinet and tub cover ring and inspecting and cleaning the inner wall of the outer tub. Over a period of time and using cold water washes body oil, dirt and undissolved detergents will accumulate at the water line on the inner wall of the outer tub. After the gunk builds up thick enough parts of it will break loose at times when using hot water and then get on the clothes. I recommend inspecting and cleaning the scum by manually scrubbing and scraping it off if you find it accumulating. If you find no gunk on the inner wall of the outer tub the likely cause is transmission oil seeping up the agitate shaft or spin tube and getting on you clothes. The transmission would have to be replaced.

If the stains are coming from the



Brown stains or streaks are often caused by the felt drum seal at the back of the dryer. Try rubbing a moist cloth around the outside rim of the back wall inside the dryer drum. If you get brown residue from this area, then this felt seal is probably causing the stains.

Overloading the dryer can keep the clothes from tumbling properly and will result in brown stains or burn marks in certain models of dryers.

Poor airflow or venting in the dryer can also result in burning or staining of garments.

Rust inside the dryer drum can result in brown stains on clothes. Wipe a moist cloth inside the entire dryer drum to check for this problem.

If these tips do not help you can re-submit your question with a full model number and more details of what type of stains you are getting on your clothes
by Manage My Life
January 25th, 2010
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