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Can I remove and can I still use my oven that has melted foil in it?

I recently purchased a new Kenmore Elite stainless steel electric 30" double oven. Like many others (by chat on the internet) I didn't realize foil would melt to the liner of the oven. I used foil when baking pies and now have it melted on the bottom of my oven. Is it possible to get this off? If not, I need a part number for the liner which appears to be one piece. Also, everything says you cannot run the self cleaning oven if this happens.

I received an answer except for the part number. I am now sending the model number so the part number can be provided. Model # 79098023801

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Fred M
Once aluminum foil is melted to the floor of an oven, it is extremely difficult to remove. You can try to carefully scrape off as much as possible using a straight razor blade scraper. Be careful when using this blade to avoid cuts.

If you have a self cleaning oven, this is about all that you can do.

If your oven is a gas model, you can usually replace the oven floor. Most electric ovens do not have a floor that can be replaced.

If your oven is not a self cleaning model, then you may be able to remove more of the foil by using a mild abrasive such as Bar Keepers Friend. I cannot guarantee that much more of the foil can be removed using this method.

You can continue to use all features of your oven including the self clean feature and no additional damage will be done to the oven.

The appearance is the only problem caused by the foil.

The oven liner is part number 318261734 and can be obtained from the following link:

Sears PartsDirect


I hope this information is helpful to you.
by Fred M Earned 3,300 community points in Appliances
February 11th, 2010
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