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What washing machine uses the least amount of water?

I am teaching a science class on responsible water use, and I need information on the washing machine that uses the LEAST amount of water. I think it will be a front loader.

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Mark Thomas
Conventional top load washers roughly use 20-22 gallons per fill when set on large load. A normal load will use 40-44 gallons of water. If the user chooses extra rinse, it will add 20-22 gallons.

Front load washers are harder to determine the water usage because it fills with enough water to saturate the clothes. The average gallons used on normal is 13-15 gallons. I have provided you with a comparison of a top load to a front load.

The new high efficiency front load washer will provide a significant savings compared to your 1988 Kenmore top load model. The 1988 model likely had the following specifications regarding water and electricity usage:

Average gallons per load 40

Water usage: 16,640 gallons/year (based on about 8 loads per week)

Energy usage: 529 kWh/year

Operating cost for electricity: $42/year

Here are the comparable specifications for a new Kenmore HE5 washer model 47081:

average gallons per load 13

Water usage: 5476 gallons/year

Energy usage: 173 kWh/year

Operating cost for electricity: $15/year

The operating cost does not take into account the difference in water usage. You would probably save about $80 per year in total utility costs with a new Kenmore HE washer.

The dryers use about the same amount of energy. The newer HE dryers have moisture sensors that can slightly reduce the energy used compared to a 1988 model.

Here is a link for the Kenmore HE5 washer model 47081 that was used for this comparison:

Kenmore HE5 Washer Model 47081

If you need more help, resubmit your question with additional details.
by Mark Thomas
February 21st, 2010
Answered in 18 hours
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